Join us!

Would you like to join our wonderful group of multi-talented volunteers?

Who are we looking for at the moment? Well, we are starting up, so there is lots you can do. Also, we want our volunteers to enjoy whatever they decide to do, and for them to have fun doing it together. So all roles can be fulfilled by 2, 3 or more people together.

Here are some of the jobs:

  • Latin dancers
  • Organisor of the foundation
  • Team organisor
  • Text writers
  • Graphics artists
  • Photographers
  • Video producers
  • Audio/video designers for deaf/blind guide tools
  • Event organisors
  • Location scouts
  • Target group scouts
  • Checklist analysts
  • Dance teachers
  • Choreographers for special needs dancers
  • Webmaster
  • Content manager
  • Fundraiser