Why Sun Dancers?

In a world where technology has taken over and we are living in a dynamic world, we stay connected even more so today. However, are we really connected? Or are we alone? It happens to all of us, which is where the story of Sundancers Studio begins. From a Mothers love for her son to a son who is confident and able to help others to a group of volunteers who understand how lonely we can all get. Sundancers studio decided to help children and people let their hair down and sway to lively music.

Sundancers presents dancing projects, for students and adults of all ages and abilities with special needs. Our aim is to help you get connected, laugh, make some friends and sway to the tunes of lively music. We offer Salsa, Bachata, Cha cha cha, Ball room dancing, dancing in wheelchairs. Join us and let’s dance away and forget our blues.


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