Introducing the Colombian band Aqua Lavanda!

Sun Dancers is so privileged to work with bands that want to help turn our vision into reality. The amazing Dutch-Colombian band Aqua Lavanda performed for us during the BeneFiësta at the Musicon. Some video’s can be seen below.

Aqua Lavanda

The name Aqua Lavanda is derived from the fragrance used by traditional Spanish barbers.

The 3-to-7-man band came into being a year ago, centred around the Colombian singer Juan Noguera from the sound studio Pluk&Pleej. Juan already played with a band in Colombia. Juan sings authentic Cumbia in the original style. While unfortunately it is still little known here, this night at the Musicon could change that!

Joined by the other band members, it becomes a fusion of cumbia – which is basically a Caribbean Colombian dancing rhythm – with the sound of the Andes highlands where the wind has its own voice.  The Andes fusion sound is derived from the work of Atahualpa Yupanqui, the grand-master of Colombian indigenous music. Cumbia and the Andes sounds mix so well!

They have already performed in bars, restaurants and churches, delighting those who were longing for the sounds of home by bringing them the original cumbia and a touch of Colombian feeling.

Aqua Lavanda performing Navidad Negra:

Watch Aqua Lavanda performing Peragua:

Aqua Lavanda and Borrito: