Minutes the Meeting – Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Meeting in person at ‘het Oude Raadhuis’ in Rijswijk



Amanda, Valentina, Haydee, Dina, Maryam, Martin, Marjoline


  1. Opening (Martin) & introduction of new members
  2. Approval of the last Minutes (All)
  3. Approval of the Agenda (All)
  4. June 15 fundraising event? Proposal by Leiden Uni Students. Who would like to help organise?
  5. Danceability proposal to organise full course for next year together in NL
  6. Next project: first full project at the AZC refugee shelter Rijswijk
  7. Discussion rehearsal frequency.
  8. Tasks Marjoline – sharing tasks and discussing backup
  9. Update To Do List (All)
  10. Website: any help needed?
  11. Any further business
  12. Next meeting?
  13. Close of meeting

Approved minutes of the meeting

  1. Opening (Martin) & introduction of new members:
    – introduction Amanda from Bogota
    – introduction Haydee from NL & Indonesia
    – introduction Valentina from Brasil
    A warm welcome to all, great to have you with us!
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting (April 17th) were discovered to have not been created (All)
    The responsibility for helping to fill the minutes lies with us all, we all share what we remember. Martin goes around giving a quick tutorial to all present on how to add to the minutes in a very easy way.
  3. Agenda Approved (All)
  4. Fundraising event? Proposal by Leiden Uni Students. A group of 4 students from Leiden Uni have taken upon themselves the assignment of organising a Benefit Event to raise money for a sympathetic cause. After searching the local non-profit organisations through  the Volunteer The Hague site, they chose to help Sun Dancers. As we had already been looking into having a fundraising at the Musicon, it was decided to hold it there. The students need to present their assignment on the 21st of June, the date was set for Sunday late afternoon, 17:00 on June 16th.
    Who would like to help organise? Set for 16th of June. Dina would like to join after her morning appointment.
  5. Danceability proposal to organise full course for next year together in NL. Amanda to receive information regarding this from Marjoline. For all: this information can be found on their website: https://www.danceability.com/  We will get more information directly from them after the meeting to be planned.
  6. Next project: first full project at the AZC refugee shelter Rijswijk, targetted to start on 16th or 23rd of June 2019.  Preference Fundraiser first, then AZC, which would mean starting 23rd of June at the AZC, and so starting the training schedule 1 month before that.
  7. Discussion rehearsal frequency. Most attendees felt 5 rehearsals would be good for the various upcoming events.
  8. a. Tasks Marjoline – explained and some criticle elements found that need to be filled. At least 2 people to share on-boarding of new members; for instance: One for the interviews, one for the administration.
    b. (all) Make sure that tasks don’t become too hard to maintain by getting help when there is a shortage of man-power. https://www.sundancers.eu/jobs-to-be-done/
  9. Updated to do list
  10. Website: Since Mehrzad has had to withdraw, Amanda has offered to organise assistance by her partner for this role
  11. – Group Photo! See featured image and image below. Actually less than half the group, unfortunately. The weather was cold and windy. 😉
  12. Next meeting? 15th may 8pm (ZOOM meeting)

To Do List

Action Items (mark “Done” when completed)
  1. Create public “Dancing with Refugees” text prior to Refugee Project (Haydee) Consider presenting the project as therapeutic rather than as entertainment. See: https://www.sundancers.eu/dancing-with-refugees/
  2. Dina will add more now that she is a bit clearer on what to do: Complete Processes checklist for Event Organisation (Dina, initial help from Marjoline) & other: https://www.sundancers.eu/category/processes/
  3. Fundraising event: Organise appointment with Musicon (Marjoline); Add purchasable  ticket to Sundancers.eu (Martin); Help students with Graphics for Benefit Event (Maryam); Help organise even (Dina, Helena)
  4. Danceability: Zoom meeting with Alito Alessi to be organised (Martin, Marjoline, Amanda?); Information to be shared to group (Marjoline) Info, see: https://www.danceability.com/
  5. AZC project: Create poster & flyer (Maryam); start organisation & planning schedule (Dina)
  6. Rehearsals: Planning new rehearsal schedule (Amanda)
  7. Task distribution: Updated list with new names for roles to be shared (Marjoline & Martin) (What to do about vanacies?)
  8. Website (missing new webmaster): proposed new webmaster = Amanda’s partner (Amanda to organise first meeting of old and new webmasters)
  9. General photography of all the above to be taken by Valentina