Minutes of the Meeting – Wednesday, May 29th, 2019


Martin – Dina – Marjoline

Absent, notice given: 3 (Thanks for your kind consideration.)

A.W.O.L.:  11 (You know who you are. ;-))


  1. Opening (Martin)
    Meeting is opened at 20:10, after having waited (in vain, as it turned out) for possible late-comers.
  2. Approval of the last Minutes (All)
    Minutes approved, after the old name Bene-Fest was changed to BeneFiësta.
  3. Approval of the Agenda (All)
    Agenda was approved, after at Martin’s request “Any Further Business” was moved to the last point.
  4. June 16 fundraising event with Leiden University students (see To Do List) (Luchie)
    In the unfortunate absence of Luchie no official feedback. We exchanged what we knew. See also the information in the underlying To Do list.
  5. Musicon Invitation
    The Musicon has kindly offered free tickets to Kaderock this Saturday 1st of June to all involved in the organisation of the BeneFiësta. Dina is establishing who would like to be on the Guestlist.
  6. Update Danceability proposal to organise full course for next year together in NL (Martin)
    First ZOOM meeting was held with the Danceability Creative Director. Danceability would like to come and hold their official full-time one-month diploma course in The Netherlands next year, if Sun Dancers can organise. This course teaches teachers of dance to be teachers of special needs dance. More news to follow soon. Can Sun Dancers make this happen?
  7. Next project: first full project at the AZC refugee shelter Rijswijk (see To Do List) (Dina)
    This project is now fully dependant on degree of participation of training sessions by Sun Dancers’dancers. It would be irresponsible to hold this project unless our dancers can confidently say they know what they are doing with regard to both the dance and the management of refugees with PTSS. So it is currently in real danger of being cancelled.
  8. Rehearsals for the events (see To Do List) (Amanda)
    We do not hear from Amanda anymore, and Martin and Dina will temporarily take over the responsibility for organising the training sessions.
  9. Update To Do List (All)
    – Haydee has created texts in English and Dutch for the AZC project. Due to lack of attendance of dancers to dance training it is currently on ice.
    – Dina has created a checklist for the AZC project, for when it can be picked up again.
    – Haydees texts can be used by Maryam for the AZC poster and flyers, when this continues.
    – Webmaster: this has had no follow-up, currently Martin is still on his own here. However, content management is being picked up by Haydee. And our new member Anel has offered to get involved here as well.
    – Photography has not been picked up, we need new photographers here. (Self-starters please. ;-))
  10. Next meeting? Live in the Oude Raadhuis? (Martin)
    – Discussion on when and where is the best place for our meetings. We have tried several days/moments, but regardless of preference, attendance remains weak.
    – Possibility is offered to combine general meeting (1 hour) and dancers training (2 hours) on the same Saturday morning.
    – To be discussed further at our next live meeting at the Oude Raadhuis.
  11. Any further business (All)
    – Dina has added a proposed organisational document for events, and asks for any feedback. See the document at the end of these Minutes.
  12. Close of meeting (Martin)
    – Martin closes the meeting which has lasted exactly one hour.

To Do List

Action Items (mark “Done” when completed)

  1. Create public “Dancing with Refugees” text prior to Refugee Project (Haydee) Consider presenting the project as therapeutic rather than as entertainment. See: https://www.sundancers.eu/dancing-with-refugees/
  2. Dina will add more now that she is a bit clearer on what to do: Complete Processes checklist for Event Organisation (Dina, initial help from Marjoline) & other: https://www.sundancers.eu/category/processes/
  3. Fundraising event:
    – This is being done primarily by Klara (student team leader) supported by Luchie and Dina. You can find the developments listed here:
    Luchie & Dina please to let us know in case of any problems or delays.
  4. Danceability: a – second – Zoom meeting with Alito Alessi to be organised (Martin, Marjoline, Anel);
  5. AZC project: Create poster & flyer (Maryam, Haydee); start organisation & planning schedule (Dina)
  6. Rehearsals: Planning new rehearsal schedule (Dina & Martin)
  7. General photography of all the above to be taken by Valentina & Cole – NEW PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDED.



Event Description
Name of the event:
Goal of the event:
Event leader:
Contact person in the organization



Place specifications
Parking availability
Public transportation


Activity plan for workshops
Time Activity Responsible


Activity plan for final activity
Time Activity Responsible


Event Requirements
Material & Logistics
What? Responsible Confirmation
2 Speakers    
___ Chairs    
___ Tables    
Space for ___ people    
__ Training sessions    
Needs for target group    
Logistics- Transportation for music requirements    
Logistics- Transportation for sun dancers    
___ volunteers for dancing
2 reception volunteers
___ food help volunteers
___ dancing instructors
___ guests
Video & Photo


Publicity Plan

●      Invite volunteers to participate in the trainings and the event

●      Invite target group to participate in the trainings and the event

What? Responsible Confirmation
  1. Social media

–        Facebook

  1. Image for Facebook and mailing
  1. Image to invite target group
4. Web page publications


Financial/ Administration
Income Expenses
Description $ Description $


Sun Dancers Event Organisation Checklist overview applied to the ______________________________

Mark each number when the activity is DONE.


  1. Establish event date
  1. Ensure answers to all the Who-What-Where-When-Why-How questions in the event description
  1. Get the team together:
    1. Who represents the Sun Dancers Event Organisation team? Who is in the lead? Who is planning?
    1. Who are our counterparts and what are their contact details?
    1. What promo material is necessary? Is it a co-production? Who is the end-graphics designer? Is it defined in the event description?
    1. What are the opportunities for video & photography? Who is the main photographer, cameraman?
    1. Who is taking care of promotions on the website, on Facebook, elsewhere?
    1. Who is budgetting? Who is Fundraising? Who is responsible for the financial accounting?
    1. Who is taking care of any IT changes, like the creation of ticketing, registration forms, etc.
    1. If it is a Fun(d)Raising, will tickets be offered? Who is responsible for the availability of tickets on the website and the processing of orders?
    1. Does choreography need to be developed? What kind? Who is doing it?
    1. Who is organising the training schedule & the training?
    1. Are special effects necessary for special needs people, such as beaming the rythym on the walls for deaf dancers (defined in event description)? Who is doing it?
    1. Is catering necessary? Who is coordinating the catering?
    1. Logistics: what logistics is foreseen, who have cars, who have muscle?
    1. Once you have the team together, who is managing the team and ensuring all planning is on target?
  1. Does the team have the necessary clothing with Sun Dancers logo? Alternatively, is there agreement on all wearing the same colour and using Sun Dancers badges?
  1. Create timelines for all the activities with a good margin for error, unexpected things things will happen. Agree the overall timeline with all concerned.
  1. Ensure sufficient meeting schedules per team and subteam to discuss all developments, updates and problems arising. For a 4-week project once every two weeks is not enough.
  1. Activity plan for the day
  1. What is required during the event?