Minutes of the Meeting – Wednesday, May 15th, 2019


Martin – Rafael – Haydee – Marjoline

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  1. Opening (Martin)
  2. Approval of the last Minutes (All)
  3. Approval of the Agenda (All)
  4. June 16 fundraising event with Leiden University students (see To Do List)
  5. Update Danceability proposal to organise full course for next year together in NL
  6. Next project: first full project at the AZC refugee shelter Rijswijk (see To Do List)
    – discussion of Haydee’s proposed texts
  7. Rehearsals for the events (see To Do List)
  8. Update To Do List (All)
  9. Any further business
  10. Next meeting?
  11. Close of meeting

Minutes of the Meeting

  1. Opening: Martin opens the meeting.
  2. Approval of the last Minutes: approved by all
  3. Approval of the Agenda: ok for all
  4. June 16 fundraising event with Leiden University students (see To Do List)
    The fundraising now has a name: Sun Dancers BeneFiësta! The agreement was made yesterday in the presence of 2 Sun Dancers and 3 students with the manager of the Musicon, Daan. Daan kindly offered to contribute himself the cost of the sound engineer needed for the musicians. The event will:
    – be on the 16th of June as envisioned, and
    – run from 18:00 – 24:00.
    – tickets will be offered online and at the door. Online will cost €6, at the door will cost €8. Martin is working hard getting the online ticketing working for us.
    – all takings from tickets will be for Sun Dancers.
    – all takings from the bar, both snacks and drinks, will be for Musicon.
    – additional food may be offered by the students and income from this will be for Sun Dancers also.
    [Added info for those interested: foreseen is that the revenue will be used mainly for IT, promotions and dance wheelchair(s).]
    – there will be a team formed  including volunteers from both Sun Dancers and Students to organise texts – graphics – photography, consisting of: Haydee/Maryam/Rafael/Valentina/Cole. Overall organisors are: from the students: Klara, from the Sun Dancers: Luchie/Dina
  5. Update Danceability proposal to organise full course for next year together in NL
    Meeting to take place with danceability creative director Alito Alessi & Sun Dancers Martin, Amanda, Sara, Rafael & Marjoline in the coming 2 weeks, to see how they can organise their next year’s diploma course in The Netherlands with our help on Dancing with people with (dis)abilities. Let us know if any others are interested.
  6. Next project: first full project at the AZC refugee shelter Rijswijk (see To Do List)
    – Discussion of Haydee’s proposed texts. Rafael is back so he has kindly agreed to help out here. Request to all to have a look at the texts below, and if you get inspired, any feedback is welcome. Marjoline has supplied links to earlier texts on the website for ideas:

  7. Rehearsals for the events (see To Do List)
    – In the last meeting the consensus was that 5 training sessions would be absolutely necessary to prepare for the coming 2 projects. We only have 5 Fridays left before the 16th of June, so training should start TOMORROW! Martin is contacting Amanda to organise. Stay tuned!
  8. Update To Do List (All)
    – See below.
  9. Any further business
    – Haydee proposes to add chapters to the website on future and past events. When she received the texts for the future events, Marjoline will implement this.
  10. Next meeting?
    – Martin sets the next meeting for an online evening meeting on Wednesday May 29th. He will send links closer to the moment. More and better attendance would be nice, especially getting so close to our next two projects.
  11. Close of meeting

To Do List

Action Items (mark “Done” when completed)
  1. Create public “Dancing with Refugees” text prior to Refugee Project (Haydee) Consider presenting the project as therapeutic rather than as entertainment. See: https://www.sundancers.eu/dancing-with-refugees/
  2. Dina will add more now that she is a bit clearer on what to do: Complete Processes checklist for Event Organisation (Dina, initial help from Marjoline) & other: https://www.sundancers.eu/category/processes/
  3. Fundraising event:
    1. DONE – Organise appointment with Musicon (Marjoline);
    2. Add purchasable  ticket to Sundancers.eu (Martin);
    3. Help students with Graphics for Benefit Event (Maryam);
    4. Help organise event (Luchie, Dina, Helena)
  4. Danceability: Zoom meeting with Alito Alessi to be organised (Martin, Marjoline, Amanda?);
    1. DONE – Information to be shared to group (Marjoline) Info, see: https://www.danceability.com/
  5. AZC project: Create poster & flyer (Maryam, Haydee); start organisation & planning schedule (Dina)
  6. Rehearsals: Planning new rehearsal schedule (Amanda)
  7. DONE – Task distribution: Updated list with new names for roles to be shared (Marjoline & Martin) (What to do about vanacies?)
  8. Website (missing new webmaster): proposed new webmaster = Amanda’s partner (Amanda to organise first meeting of old and new webmasters)
  9. General photography of all the above to be taken by Valentina & Cole
  10. Implementation of new chapters for past and future events on the website by Marjoline


Step into sunshine

Sun Dancers presents:

A Latin dancing course for all! [for all abilities?]

Dancing is a good way to express yourself in a group or alone. [Dancing feels great for body and mind, together or solo?]

Come join in!

Location and time:

AZC Rijswijk, starting Sunday 23rd June (runs for 3 classes, with a final dinner session to close off) [(3 workshops; 4th moment: social closing event)]

See website for more details (and translation into Arabic or other languages):

Zoek de zon op

Sun Dancers presenteert:

Een Latijnse danscursus voor iedereen.

Dansen helpt je gevoelens te uiten. In deze cursus doe je dit in een groep. Doe mee!

Waar en wanneer:

AZC Rijswijk, vanaf zondag 23 June (3 sessies, plus een afsluitingsdiner)

Lees meer op de website (vertaling in Arabisch en andere talen):