Dancing with visual limitations

Not seeing enough? Don’t let this stop you from having a great time dancing.

In structured dance such as Salsa, it is easier for the female than the male. The female is expected to accept a lead, and the male is expected to lead. In the later case, an option is to have the male learn the female moves, accepting leads from someone experienced by “feel”, and thus as if by osmosis learn the leads.

Aaron, blind from birth, says:

The point is, for me, it was all about touch. Sometimes, I would hold my partner while they danced, to feel them. I held their shoulders, their waist, their hips. I held them intimately. I needed to get that close to see what the body was doing. How to relax it.

Sometimes, my partner would use one of their feet to guide my foot. We would practice the steps without music for a bit, I’d memorize it, and we danced.”