Dancing with autism

Dancing with autism has it’s own challenges. Some autists don’t like to be touched, others may like to get too close, and yet others might prefer to dance on their own? Autists have their own idea’s on everything and it’s important for them to be able to express those idea’s in a tangible way.

Idea’s abound about autists.

  • Autists are…
  • Autists can… Autists need…
  • Austists like… Autists don’t like… Autists hate…

More and more of these idea’s are turning out to be misconceptions. Autists can just as easily be fun-loving, touchy-feely people with lots of empathy, many to the point of being highly sensitive. So sensitive even, that they may withdraw into themselves. Hence the so wrong impression others sometmes have of them actually being insensitive! Enough of the theory, now for the practice.

There are plenty of autists who love to dance, even some who are passionate dance teachers. In fact, autists are highly represented in many of the arts, due them becoming veyr passionate and engrossed in what they love, allowing them to be highly focussed for long periods of time. And so able to develop to their full potential, if not hindered by other aspects of life.

We therefore invite all autists to come and join us in dance.

We will take into account both the wishes of those who enjoy the close company of others and dancing in pairs, as well as those who enjoy the freedom of solo dancing. There will be something for everybody!

For our Autism group we have the following two options:

Salsa (Style) See About the Salsa page for the various styles

Salsa Solo (y/n)

More information to follow