The Bachata

Bachata is a four step Dominican Republic Dance that is danced to an eight beat count with four steps being danced in one direction and the following four steps being danced in a different direction. The feel of Bachata is very sensual and most dance it in a closed hand hold.

Any Bachata workshop can cover the forward and backward as well as side to side basic using a variety of different ways to accent the 4th and 8th beat (taps, hip pops, shakes, etc). There can also be a major focus on executing the proper body movement using knees, hips, waist, rib cage and shoulder movements.

A usual Bachata workshop will also cover turns for both leaders and followers. Usually turns are kept simple in this dance, with single turns being the norm and only used occasionally. However, more advanced Bachata workshops will demonstrate more difficult turns including multiple turns, combination turns, turns with accents and combs and more.

In addition to learning Bachata basics, body movement and turns, attending a Bachata workshop will also enhance turn patterns and provide students with interesting and exciting new combinations and moves. Leaders will learn how to execute unique turn patterns (a series of moves joined together) that followers can easily respond to and enjoy. Depending on the level of difficulty of the workshop, students will learn beginner, intermediate or advanced combinations that can be used on the dance floor.

It is important to remember when attending a Bachata workshop that Bachata is a simple dance and even complicated advanced turn patterns will still look and feel quite simple due to the nature of the dance. Try not to complicate the dance and allow for natural body movement and styling to take centre stage. That is the mark of a great Bachata dancer!

Texts taken with gratitude from the Toronto Dance Salsa Inc page:

Bachata put into creative practice:

A simple example: