About us

We are Sun Dancers, a group that uses dance, music, education as an agency to shed light onto important issues across our societies, and to make sure that we share the joy of movement.

The importance of acting through dance, as well as connecting with other social groups we have common interest with aim at capacity building, sharing experience and spreading the message of love, dance and peace. Dance, as one of our main tools, will be used for shedding light onto the important global issues, dance movements, creative educational content and additionally to help you burn calories while having fun together. The Sun Dancers name was inspired by Sun Dance ceremonies performed by young Native American warriors as a way to not only honor the sun, but also to bring the dancers vision.

Dance is one of the best ways of connecting performers and observers within a particular culture. Movement through dance prolongs our life and helps our happy hormones become the body’s natural painkillers, motivating us to take action to achieve the goal so we can experience the pleasure of joy.

We seek and support various rhythms and sounds (including laughter) from all over the world.

Our honorary participants are from Australia, The Netherlands, Argentina, Ecuador, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, America, Hungary, Colombia, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from all over the world.

Below please meet our team and volunteers who want to share their passion to bring joy to their world family and support the movement for life.