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Join us on Sunday at the Musicon

On Sunday evening, June 16, there will be a Fundraising BeneFiësta at the Musicon in The Hague benefit event organized for Sun Dancers. Four students from Leiden University wanted to raise money and awareness for the Sun Dancers charity.

The Sun Dancers consisting of mostly expat volunteers do free salsa projects for, amongst others, status holders, people with disabilities and refugees. Money is needed to help with locations, promotions, dance wheelchairs, transport, etc.

From 6 pm there will be musical performances at the Musicon in jazz and Latin style, followed by dance activities by the Sun Dancers' Mr. Salsa himself, Martin Napier, all ending in a colourful salsa party.


Students and Sun Dancers preparing for the BeneFiësta event at the Musicon
The Students Niels, Klara, SK and Mario get together with the Sun Dancers organisors to ensure all goes well for the upcoming Benefiësta at the Musicon. There is a lot…
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Ever thought about volunteering?

We have the most fun way of joining in! Our volunteers are often passionate dancers, or passionate artists of other kinds, and they all want to share their passion(s) and in doing so, give joy, energy, inspiration and fun to people perhaps less fortunate. Join us!
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