Introducing Sun Dancers Collective
Who are we? We are Sun Dancers Collective, a brand new group of volunteers who understand the need to live with passion, for everybody.  Regardless of  your fortune in life, or your abilities and limitations. We want to share our latin dance with you!
We don’t seek perfection. We seek movement. And we are open to various rhythms and sounds (including laughter) from all over the world. Our volunteers are from Australia, The Netherlands, Argentina, Ecuador, Sweden, Kroatia, Bulgaria, America, Hungary, Colombia, Venezuela, indeed, from all over the world!
Meet some of our Sun Dancers here!
Sun Dancers is Taking Off!
Welcome to our first Newsletter! After months of preparation, Sun Dancers Collective is about to make things happen! Read all about it in our blog items below!

Latest News
Sun Dancers in action for Rijswijk's International Women's Day
For International Women’s Day Sun Dancers was invited to give a workshop to the international women of Rijswijk at the Oude Raadhuis. The afternoon was closed off with a wonderful…
Our new training location!
After discussions with the Rijswijk Council, we now have been granted a location for our training sessions. All conditions are agreed on, we are waiting to sign the contract.…
Why Sun Dancers?
In a world where technology has taken over and we are living in a dynamic world, we stay connected even more so today. However, are we really connected? Or are…
Ever thought about volunteering?

We have the most fun way of joining in! Our volunteers are often passionate dancers, or passionate artists of other kinds, and they all want to share their passion(s) and in doing so, give joy, energy, inspiration and fun to people perhaps less fortunate. Join us!
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Sun Dancers Collective
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